Multi-talented singer/songwriter, television personality and producer, former WWE host and Spanish beauty Lilian Garcia brings the heat and unhinges the podcast world with an all-access pass to human interest stories with your favorite athletes and entertainers. “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia” peels back the layers and dives deep into how they got to where they are today, and the real-life challenges in making their dreams come true. It’s about to get Real, Raw & Inspiring every week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia”.









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Hitting Close To Home

High Praise From Some Of Lilian’s Guests

“Thank you Lilian for the forum for our Superstars to tell their personal stories because I’ve listened to a few of your podcasts and learned a few things. You are a remarkable person Lilian, thank you for all that you do. Had a lot of fun being on your show.”
~ Stephanie McMahon

“I loved being on Chasing Glory! Lilian made me feel so comfortable that I opened up in a way I’ve never done before. So therapeutic!”
~ Nikki Bella

“One of the most fun and down to earth podcasts I’ve ever done. I seriously forgot I was doing a podcast. Lilian has a kind and loving heart. She is easy to talk with and asks great questions. A phenomenal podcast.”
~ AJ Styles

“I was honored to be asked by Lilian to be part of Chasing Glory. Thinking to myself…why me, why mama Bella? This is not something I’m used to but if I touched one life by allowing myself to be vulnerable & open then it was all worth it.”
~ Kathy Bella

“I have to say being on ”Chasing Glory” was amazing. Talking about old times & reminiscing, and getting my story, that has never been told, out there for the world to hear was incredible. Lilian is a great host, and a great human being that I wish all the best in this new adventure.”
~ D-Von Dudley

“Lilian is the best! She has a knack for asking the questions no one else does. A true natural. My interview with her felt like an insightful gal’s night hanging out in my living room!”
~ Torrie Wilson

“I was on Lilian Garcia’s guest on her podcast Chasing Glory and I told some stories that I’ve never shared publicly. Was an amazing experience being on her show.”
~ Zack Ryder

“I had such an amazing experience with Lilian. I never really had an opportunity to get to know her before the podcast, yet she was able to get things out of me that I never knew existed. It was such a fun experience and I hope I am lucky enough to get to do it again sometime!”
~ Carmella

“Being on Chasing Glory was so wonderful for me. It allowed me to be open & candid with a true friend that I trust & love to pieces. Out of all the podcasts I’ve done hers is truly the best. Thank you Lilian. I wish you all the success as you break new barriers in this wacky world we adore.”
~ Mickie James

“I had such a fun time being interviewed by Lilian. I loved how personal and conversational it was & appreciated how kind and positive her vibes were. I was able to open up to Lilian and share really personal experiences with out them feeling judged, I haven’t had an interview experience quit like that before. She’s awesome.”
~ Dev

“I REALLY enjoyed being on Lilian Garcia’s podcast. She did a HELL of an interview on me and I see BIG things for her! Good luck Lilian!”
~ Stone Cold Steve Austin

“I’m so honored to have been on Chasing Glory. The intimate setting Lilian provided made me feel like I could open my heart. Her sincerity made me feel so comfortable. One of my favorite interviews.”
~ Brie Bella

“Lilian asks questions with a certain genuineness, and with so much sincerity she instantly creates an intimate dialogue. I’ve been giving interviews for 20 years, and this was easily one of my most candid (and fun!). She will surely be around for a long time, asking the questions you didn’t even know you needed the answers to!”
~ Trish Stratus

“Being on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia was like having a therapy session. I felt SO liberated afterwards and learned so many things about myself. Truly fascinating podcast.”
~ Mustafa Ali

“We as women all play an important role in WWE. Lilian has been a staple and an irreplaceable Superstar in our Industry. Lilian has always been one of the women behind-the-scenes who is a constant reminder of how to carry yourself with confidence, dignity and poise no matter the situation. That is why I truly loved being on Chasing Glory!”
~ Charlotte

“Lilian made me feel very comfortable on air and seemed to be genuinely interested in all the details that went on during my journey here in the WWE!”
~ Bayley

“It was so awesome being interviewed by Lilian who I consider a dear friend and had the joy of having her as a coworker for most of my WWE career. Lilian is as real as they come and even better… she has a heart of gold. Truly honored to be on her podcast!”
~ Natalya

“I sat down with Lilian Garcia on her podcast Chasing Glory this week.. and let’s just say we got real! From producing independent films to my sexuality to wrestling in the WWE, we literally discussed it all! There’s no one I would feel more comfortable telling my story with, thank you Lilian for making it such an awesome experience! I can only hope by sharing I can help someone else who’s going through something similar. I’ll end this with one of my favorite quotes by Oscar Wilde: ‘Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.’
~ Sonya Deville

“I loved being on Lilian’s podcast. She has an amazing warmth and genuineness about her that makes you feel completely at ease and brings out the best in you.”
~ Becky Lynch

“A new podcast is popping up everyday, but Lilian has created such a special platform with hers. Her kind and caring perspective leads guests down a path unlike any interview they’ve done before.”
~ Lita