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Proud To Be Representing Our Country!

Lilian Garcia was honored to be, once again, singing the National Anthem recently at the New York Jets Game. She opened the game against the New England Patriots, October 15, on CBS.

A Note From Lilian:
“As an #rmyBrat I am extremely proud of my late father who as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army went to war in Vietnam to fight for our country. I am also extremely proud of my mother who took care of the household while he was gone. That is why it gives me extreme pleasure to sing our national anthem every time I perform it. This Sunday, I have the great honor of performing it again NFL NYJets game MLStadium. I intend to stand proud & sing it with passion for all our brave military men and women who fight so hard for our country and for the beautiful opportunities we receive daily by living in this great nation.”